What is the cost/fee/price of nose jobs/nasal surgery/rhinoplasty/fillers for nose in Singapore?
How much does surgical nose jobs/rhinoplasty/nose fillers cost?
What are the fees associated with surgical nose surgery/non-surgical rhinoplasty?

The fees associated with these nasal procedures depend completely and totally upon the type of surgery performed. Traditional rhinoplasty procedures would naturally cost more as there are more factors involved such as anesthesia, nurses and more skill involved. This is so for correcting a dorsal hump, deviated septum, reducing the overall size of your nose (making your nose smaller) and balancing the shape and size of your nose overall in unison to the rest of your face. Should the surgical procedure fall under “functional” nasal surgery, such as correcting breathing problems, insurance will be able to cover a significant percentage of your procedure. Over 50% in some cases. Fillers for the nose would be the least costly, although prices vary vastly from clinic to clinic (please note in Singapore to have your fillers for nose performed only in registered clinics), as some may have promotions or bundled packages.

What’s it like to undergo a nose surgery (nose job)?

The treatment itself is done under general anesthesia and also the recovery time is about 2 weeks. The full results after all swelling is down is at around 6 months. It merely feels like your nose is stuffy for the initial couple of days.

Can a rhinoplasty surgery help me with breathing problems?

Nose job for correction of breathing problems is typical. Open structure nose job is a method that’s made use of to keep the fundamental foundation of the nasal framework strong, while fixing breathing difficulties or sinus issues. This method aids the foundational shape of the nose after surgery and reduces the opportunity of failure as well as boosts breathing capacities of the individual.

What are the anesthesia options for rhinoplasty?

Nose job can be done under different types of anesthesia including local anesthesia, intravenous sedation (also called twilight anesthesia, MAC anesthesia, or IV sedation), and basic anesthesia. Each choice has advantages and drawbacks, including variations in cost, recognition, and side effects. Because rhinoplasty is generally considered to be an elective, non-emergency operation, pre-operative testing is occasionally executed to establish anesthetic suitability. Nonetheless, the vast majority of nose surgery patients take pleasure in great overall wellness and could pick from any of the abovementioned anesthetic options. No matter the anesthetic option, all rhinoplasty anesthesia is executed along with regional anesthesia (lidocaine blended with epinephrine) to reduce the pain sensations also blood loss. Some surgeons use general anesthesia alone as a result of the anxiousness and also discomfort associated with administering surgery upon a fully conscious individual.

Cosmetic Surgery: Age restrictions for rhinoplasty?

The majority of cosmetic surgeons recommend Nose job after a minimum age of 18. This is because the nose reaches its complete formulation slightly before that. Nevertheless, conditions like congenital defects or accidental damage can be remedied when needed right away.

How long is recovery time from rhinoplasty?

During the first day after the surgical procedure, you will have swollen features on your face. This is completely normal. The recommended action is to have some bed-rest in an elevated position. During the 3rd day is when swelling will peak. At this point onwards it will start to calm down and subside after about 2 weeks. This is when you will visit your surgeon. During the visit they will remove splints, dressings and everything else. Please avoid blowing your nose during the entire 2 week period, yes, it does seem like an uphill battle, however, the great thing is, after this period of discomfort, you will have a new nose for the next decades of your life. Over the next month you should treat your nose delicately, avoid contact sports, and strenuous activities as there is no point to getting your nose injured. After a couple of months, your nose should look as good as new, however, the healing process may take up to a year to be completed.

Nasal surgery whilst keeping a small dorsal hump?

You may want to inform the doctor what you would like and would not like your nose to look like. Should you decide to keep a dorsal hump (be it a small one), you certainly can. The skill level of the surgeon will greatly determine his ability to deliver the exact results you desire.

What is the marginal risk of rhinoplasty over deviated septum surgery?

In experienced hands, rhinoplasty is an easy procedure, usually with good results. But as with any form of surgery, there are risks attached. Opting for aesthetic based nose surgery over getting your septum corrected could be dangerous in the long run. Usually, those suffering from deviated septum experience breathing problems as such this is something which should take priority over the aesthetic appearance of your nose. A better option would be to perform both surgeries at once. There are many surgeons who can perform this type of multiple purpose surgery.

Is it possible to get septoplasty and rhinoplasty done in the same operation?

Most definitely it can be done, and it usually done in the operating theatre for those individuals suffering breathing problems or with noses which are slightly slanted to the left or right.

How do you know someone has a nose job (rhinoplasty) done?

It is quite difficult to tell if someone has had a nose job especially if the surgeon is a good one. The main way to know is if someone revealed that they’ve had work done, otherwise it is quite a difficult thing to discover.

I have a breathing problem because of a bent nose. So my doctor suggested I should go with rhinoplasty surgery. Is this the a right solution? Would there be any side effects?

This is absolutely the appropriate solution to correct a problem such as the one you are experiencing. I would suggest getting multiple opinions as to the best course of action to correct this problem you are suffering from. Having breathing difficulties can be both a physical and mental strain on an individual, the best way to solve a structural problem like this is with a surgical method.

How can I get the bridge of my nose remodeled and the upper part where it joins the brow?

There are several main ways.
(1) Insert bone taken from other parts of your body, i.e. ribs, or even, your nose itself. And relocate the excess bone onto the part you would like to have remodeled.

(2) Implant a silicone nasal implant into the specific area.

(3) Inject fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Radiesse. Fillers for the nose would definitely be the fastest and cheapest form of corrective action you can take. The downside is that it will last for about 2 years before you need a “refill”.

What is Restylane/Juvederm/Radiesse?

Restylane/Juvederm/Radiesse are dermal fillers which are temporary in nature, they are usually made from ingredients which our bodies can break down easily, which is why they are temporary in nature. Most patients would need to go for touch ups every 2 years. This is actually a good thing. Why? Because the nose like all other parts of the body goes thru aging. This means that there is an interplay of change in shape and densities of your bone, skin, cartilage and flesh. As such fillers may be a very good choice when it comes to reshaping your nose. The surgeon can constantly mold the fillers into your nose to make it look natural all throughout your life.

Who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon/nose filler clinic in Singapore?

There are a few factors to consider when you want to decide who the best surgeon in Singapore is.
(1) Variety of solutions available, this goes for rhinoplasty and fillers. The clinic should have the ability to provide a variety of solutions and flexibility in providing you with the desired nose reshaping.

(2) Experience of the surgeon and team, both the doctor and his/her team should have had substantial amount of experience. This is something which causes a synergistic effort on a higher level to occur. If the doctor is experienced but leads a team which is inexperienced, this will undoubtedly cause problems.

(3) Pictures, there has to be a lot of available before and after pictures at the clinic. Note, due to Ministry of Health Singapore’s ruling that private hospitals and medical centres are not allowed to publicly display pictures, Before and after pictures can only be viewed in person at the clinic.